1 head of cauliflower
5 tbsp sriracha (or hot sauce)
50g vegan butter
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp agave
Neutral cooking oil (Nathan asked.)
Bunch of fresh chives
1 tbsp cornflour (with 2 tbsp water)
Pinch of sesame seeds
A bit of a longer recipe, but made by a chef. This was the recipe in collaboration with Nathan Bates, who you should follow on @neyyfun. It's just like Bang Bang Cauliflower from Wagamama, except it's made in your home.


1.Chop the cauliflower into wedges, so that there's two flat sides to fry on.
2.Add the butter, sriracha, sugar and agave to a small saucepan and bubble till it all combines and reduces till saucy. Add the cornstarch to help it thicken if required.
3.Fry the cauliflower in oil until both sides are charred and crispy.
4.Place the cauliflower in a baking sheet with half of the sauce, cover and cook for 20 minutes at 180°C.
5.Before the cauliflower finishes, heat up the sauce on low.
6.Serve the cauliflower with more sauce, chives, and sesame seeds. Done dusted, happy days.