300g silken tofu
Olive oil
4 tbsp “nooch” (a.k.a. nutritional yeast)
salt & pepper
250g any pasta (penne is what I use)
3 spring onions
1 red pepper
2 garlic cloves
Pack of THIS isn’t Chicken (or any vegan chick’n strips)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp oregano
1 lime
Bunch of parsley
This is against all tradition of what should be in a pasta. But let me tell you, the flavours work. I got the idea from a great foodie called Zainab, and I thought I'd give this a go and show how easy it is to veganise a great dish.


1.Blitz the tofu & nooch together and season to taste. That’s your cream sauce.
2.Boil your pasta according to the packet instructions.
3.Fry your onions, pepper and chilli in olive oil until softened. Add the "chicken" and then your spices. Season to taste.
4.Once your pasta is cooked, take some pasta water out and pour into the "chicken" and veg to help deglaze the pan. Drain your pasta and chuck that into the pan, along with the cream sauce.
5.Season your food (essential step) and finish with a squeeze of lime and some parsley.