100g ground almonds
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
8 dates
Pinch of Essex sea salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1 flax egg (5 tbsp flaxseed with 10tbsp water)
50g dairy free chocolate chips
cookies, come get ya cookies! cookies. you lot wanted snacks and so here’s the ultimate one. this one’s a simple protein ball recipe that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and you can scran on as a snack, after the gym or have it when you’re needing that sweet treat!


1.Make the flaxseed egg by mixing water and flaxseed. Leave to swell for 5 minutes minimum.
2.Blitz all the ingredients apart from the chocolate chips in a food processor including the flax egg.
3.Now you can stir in the chocolate chips and shape the mixture into balls.
4.They're good to go, you can then eat as many as you'd like but I reckon saving them is a good bet. Also for those wondering, the balls contain 7.3g protein each and I made 7.