Small bowl of peas (80g)
Small bowl of edamame (80g)
1 avocado
3 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp soy sauce
Hummus (recipe on my website, go and have a cheeky look)
Rocket Salad
freeeesssh avacadoooooo. everyone loves a bit of avocado on toast, whether you’re a brunch fan, a millennial or just someone who loves an avocado. “but Calum, where can u get protein from”. It sounds mad, but adding peas and edamame in a mix with the avocado, makes this a game-changer of a brunch and one that you’ll love me for.


1.Fry the peas and edamame in a saucepan until defrosted. If frozen, you shouldn't need to fry with oil. Chuck those in a bowl when you're done.
2.Chop up the avocado into rough chunks and add to the beans. Then throw in salt, soy, lime and tahini.
3.Toast your bread. And take a moment to just get excited for your brunch.
4.Once toasted, spread some hummus on your bread, add the rocket, and finally, the pea and avocado mix.
5.Eat it. And put it on your Instagram stories.